iPowerboat Launches "Team iPowerboat Racing"

By iPowerboat Ltd, Apr 29 2018 06:04PM

For 2018, iPowerboat Ltd launches iPowerboat Racing, a new, innovative and exciting development for the company. iPowerboat Racing is to be a competitive race team across different forms of powerboat racing. Initially, the company’s primary focus is on developing and increasing participation within the sport for the 9 to 18-year-old categories.

Powerboat racing, like most forms of motorsport, can become expensive before you can put a boat on a circuit. iPowerboat Racing will offer selected candidates the opportunity to race for the team over the coming years. Selected candidates will receive training, expert advice, and sponsorship. Potential powerboat racers should get in touch with us to discuss opportunities.

For 2018, iPowerboat Racing, has teamed up with it’s star, Oban Duncan. Oban has won the Scottish Regional championships for the RYA Honda Youth RIB Challenge in 2015 and 2017, coming 2nd overall in the UK National Championship. Oban will still compete for iPowerboat Racing in this event, but will extend her racing career into the GT15 championships for this coming season.


The GT15 is a small race boat, powered by just 15hp, this lightweight boat can achieve speeds in excess of 40mph in the correct hands. iPowerboat Racing has funded this opportunity for Oban. On the 2nd March, after lengthy discussions with Oban and her parents, iPowerboat Ltd decided to buy the GT15 and lease back to Oban and her family, racing for team iPowerboat Racing.

Oban will race for us on a national powerboat series around the UK, this requires significant time to be contributed by her parents, and would not be possible without their valued support and input.

iPowerboat Racing has its own webpages within the iPowerboat’s website, Race results, videos, training session clips can be found here.


“Oban is a deserving candidate to be sponsored by iPowerboat Racing. To race for iPowerboat Racing you do not need to be born a powerboat racer, but to have a passion, a willingness to learn, and a desire to succeed are all key attributes to becoming a successful competitor. We have been supporting Oban for several years now by providing bespoke training. Oban is now at an age, where competitive racing is suitable, and iPowerboat Ltd and ourselves are absolutely delighted to sponsor Oban through this next adventure.

Powerboat Racing at a club level is virtually non-existent here, in western Scotland. On behalf of iPowerboat Ltd, we seek to change this, and create a hub for under 18’s that have a desire to try out this exhilarating sport.”

- Ryan Tozer & Kerry Tozer

Owners & RYA Principal at iPowerboat Ltd.

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