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The Honda RYA Youth RIB Championship, sponsored by Honda and Highfield, is a National Championship in which 8 - 16 year old Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) drivers can demonstrate their skills with the goal of winning a Highfield 460 or a Honwave T40 for their club.


The Competition


The competition takes the form of a time trial around a set of marks - the fastest time wins.  The slalom buoys are set 12.5m apart so that skill and control, and not necessarily speed, are the most important factors.  Each competitor has two runs, one as a practice and one as a 'hot lap'.  Both runs are timed and the fastest time put forward.  Please see the diagram in the download area showing the overall structure of the competition.


The Boat


The Highfield 460 (4.6m) is a very robust vessel, with the hull made from aluminium. The RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) is powered by a reliable and powerful Honda 50hp four stroke outboard.



Highfield 460 RIB - RYA Honda Youth RIB Challenge

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4628501424 Highfiel RIB 460

With costs very low, this class is a great entry level for youngsters to get started in powerboat racing from as young as 9 years old.


The season runs from the beginning of April to the end of October and a season can be completed on as little as £1000 of running costs.


These small monohulls provide some great action, both fast and competitive with an average racing speed of 40mph and are an excellent opportunity for all those who compete to learn the skills of racing and good sportsmanship before progressing to the senior classes.


Using factory ‘standard’ engines where modifications are forbidden, the GT15 Class produces close, exciting and competitive racing, which keeps running costs to a minimum.


All racing is carefully supervised by trained RYA Powerboat Racing personnel and licences are only issued after a satisfactory standard has been reached.


Each year an annual British Championship series of 6 rounds is held at venues across the UK.


In addition drivers can compete in the European and World Championship events once they are competent.


GT15 - GT15 Powerboat Class

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GT15: 9-16 yrs

Hull Material: Fibreglass, Kevlar, Synthetic Fibre

Length: 3.10m

Width: 1.35m

Weight: 210kg (including driver)

Engine: Tohatsu, Suzuki, Mercury

Engine Capacity: 351cc

Horse Power: 15hp

Top Speed: 40mph +

Max rpm: 6100

Safety Features: Built in buoyancy, reinforced cockpit